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Preserving History
Preserving History

The Tampa Bay region is rich with history. In Tampa alone, there are more than 2,700 properties that are officially designated as historic, plus thousands more that qualify, but haven't yet earned or applied for the city designation.

Among those 2,700 properties are all the cute bungalows, Spanish casitas and Craftsman-style homes, packed with original charm like wood windows, hardwood flooring, buil-in bookcases and tiled porches.

Taking care of these old homes isn't always easy, especially when it comes time for renovations. Even well-meaning homeowners can end up doing something that ruins historical elements.

Tampa Preservation’s Historic Home Workshops can help. The workshops provide tips from more than a dozen experts on how to save these historic materials.

This year’s event will be at the Historic Seminole Heights United Methodist Church, 6111 N Central Ave., on Saturday, April 14, from 10 a.m. to  4 p.m. This church, on the southeast corner of Hanna and Central avenues, was built in 1927and has its own story of revitalization. Admission to the workshop is free.

"Historic homeowners often wish to take a hands-on approach to restoring their houses. This workshop will offer information on some of the skills required,” says Becky Clarke, TPI President. "The homeowner who wishes to hire professionals will come away more educated on what is available and how to best utilize restoration experts.”

Kim and Richard Headland, two architects who own a bungalow in VM Ybor, will talk about mistakes that can be made in renovating an old house and how to rectify some of the worst horrors. Plenty of photographs and personal experience will lead attendees through some lesser known facts on how to restore a home in a manner that is historically appropriate and retains its value, while allowing for modern conveniences.  Other topics to be covered are landscaping, restoring wood windows and refinishing wood floors. Each will provide information learned from the speakers’ many years of experience.

The event is co-sponsored by Historic Shed, Through the Woods Fine Wood Floors, and Wood Window Makeover.

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