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Dooley trial beings Tuesday, accused of killing father | Crime

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Dooley trial beings Tuesday, accused of killing father

Valrico, Florida -- A former school bus driver accused of shooting and killing a father in front of his 8-year-old daughter will be back in court this morning for the first day of his manslaughter trial.

Trevor Dooley, now 71 years old, claims he was in fear for his life when he fired his gun near the Twin Lakes neighborhood basketball court in September 2010.

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The single gunshot killed 41-year-old David "DJ" James.

Investigators say James was playing basketball with his daughter Danielle when Dooley came out from his house across the street to tell two teens to stop skateboarding on the courts.

James defended the teens saying there was no sign telling the they couldn't.

At some point, witnesses say Dooley went back into his house and retrieved a gun, which he put in his pants. When he returned outside, witnesses say he flashed the gun when the argument continued.

This is when witnesses say James went after Dooley in attempt to get the gun away from him and the two men fell to the ground.

Dooley fired his gun as James was on top of him. Dooley had a concealed weapons permit.

Dooley's defense attorney tried to argue this was a Stand Your Ground case, but a judge denied that motion earlier this year.

It is expected Danielle James will testify as a defense witness via closed circuit TV so she does not have to be in the same room as Dooley.

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