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Sinkhole Assistance Grant still available to homeowners | Environment

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Sinkhole Assistance Grant still available to homeowners
Sinkhole Assistance Grant still available to homeowners

Seffner, FL -- Hillsborough County wants to remind homeowners in the sinkhole assistance grant is still out there for those with sinkhole damage.

Last year several sinkholes opened up in eastern Hillsborough County during a long cold snap.

Many believe farmers using water to prevent their crops from freezing cause a drop in the aquifer which resulted in several sinkholes.

Hillsborough County homeowners have until March 31 to apply for a Sinkhole Assistance Grant. The Grant is to provide qualified homeowners with financial assistance to recover from the damages of sinkhole impacts from January 2010 through March 2010, and to assist them in the maintenance and support of their families.

The maximum Grant award is $3,000, and only the property owner of record at the time of the sinkhole damage is eligible to receive assistance.

To qualify, the applicant must have a qualifying property that is:

1) Zoned to allow a single family residence on which has been constructed a single family residence.

2) Located within Hillsborough County.

3) Has been documented to have suffered sinkhole damage to the property and/or structure during the months of January 2010 through March 2010.

The applicant must also provide specific documentation, such as, but is not limited to:
1) Ownership of the qualifying property at the time the damage occurred.
2) An estimate of the cost to assess or repair sinkhole damage prepared by a professional engineer or licensed and qualified contractor.
3) Property Tax bill for 2010 tax year.

The Sinkhole Assistance Grant was approved by Board policy in a September 2010 regular Board of County Commissioners meeting.

For questions regarding grant qualifying documentation, call Stephen Gran, Hillsborough County Manager, Agriculture Industry Development at (813) 272-5506.

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