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Information on Hernando Co. floodplain verification | News

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Information on Hernando Co. floodplain verification
Information on Hernando Co. floodplain verification

Hernando County, Florida -- As a result of the new Hernando County Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs), mortgage holders and Insurance companies are contacting their clients asking for verification of floodplain status.

The letters request various levels of proof of flood rating ranging from a Letter of Determination from a City/County official to a determination by FEMA.

The Development Department has been providing assistance to customers by providing Letters of Determination where the property is clearly outside the floodplain. Where  the location of the floodplain is unclear or where the lending institution requires a higher level of proof, owners are being asked to provide survey data to show the exact location of the floodplain in relation to the structure and /or to obtain a Floodplain Elevation Certificate for their home. These documents can be used as documentation for a FEMA Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) or a Letter of Map Revision due to Fill (LOMR(F)), where the property has been raised above the floodplain.

If additional information is needed or there is difficulty determining the appropriate Base Flood Elevation, the Water Resource Coordinator in the Utility Engineering Division can provide additional specific information (see below).

Information regarding how to obtain the Letter of Determination can be obtained from Rebecca Garrett, RGarrett@co.hernando.fl.us, Development Division, Zoning Coordinator, (352) 754-4165 x29133, or John Burnett, johnb@co.hernando.fl.us, Environmental Services, Water Resource Coordinator, (352) 540-6569.

Many inquiries have shown that the properties are outside the floodplain and the Letter of Determination is sufficient to show that the homeowner can meet the insurance requirement by purchasing the lowest risk insurance (Preferred Risk policy).

In some cases, where the property is now determined to be within the floodplain, but the home was built in an area determined to be low risk in the old (1984) FIRM, the structure may be eligible for "Grandfathering", resulting in the ability to acquire a low cost insurance which recognizes that the home was built in compliance with the flood map in effect at that time.

These websites provide additional information:




National Flood Insurance Program: 1-888-379-9531

Where a structure was within a Flood Zone "A", and is now within a Flood Zone "AE" or similar Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA), the owner should discuss insurance options with an insurance agent with expertise in Flood Insurance issues. A floodplain determination and survey may result in lower insurance rates based on specific data in the Floodplain Elevation Certificate.

Release courtesy Hernando County Government.


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