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Protesters call "clean zone" illegal | News

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Protesters call "clean zone" illegal

Tampa, Florida-- A small group of organizers gathered in downtown Tampa Tuesday. They're worried the city's proposed clean zone will attempt to infringe on their first amendment rights.

"It tries to silence us. It tries to cage us, tries to put us in places we don't want to be. We have the right to protest within sight and sound of the convention," said Jared Hamil of Fight Back Florida.

Organizers say since filing for protest permits in January they've so far heard nothing back from the city.

"We will march with or without a permit, that's our plan," said Tom Burke, a national organizer for the March on the RNC. "We will march to the Forum to let the Republicans know we're out in the streets while they're holding their circus inside. We will be sending a different message to the American people outside."

Even for Tuesday's small crowd, Tampa Police were on hand. Organizers just hope officers don't try to prevent their peaceful protest at the convention in August.

"I'm happy that the police are here today because I want them to understand why we plan to march and how we expect them to interact with us," said Burke.

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