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Restaurant Red Alert: Roach in noodles at Brandon buffet | News

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Restaurant Red Alert: Roach in noodles at Brandon buffet
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Restaurant Red Alert: Roach in noodles at Brandon buffet

BRANDON, Fla.- Vicki Glinski loved take out from one of her favorite restaurants, China House Wokery on West Lumsden.

"The food was good and very reasonable price," said Glinski, a local nurse in Brandon.

But after an incident at the restaurant's buffet in April, all that changed.

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"I went and got my container and started putting a few things in and they had just put out some lo mein," said Glinski, who soon after made a disgusting discovery: a roach creeping across cooked food.

"It just crawled out and stood on top of the low mein like he was king of the hill, and he stayed there."

Vicki says she immediately notified a manager, who did not seem that alarmed.

"But he seemed surprised that I didn't want the food," said Glinski.

Turns out, this wasn't the restaurant's first run-in with roaches. 10 News pulled inspection reports from April and found China House Wokery was shut down by the state a week earlier, with nine critical violations. An inspector documented 54 live roaches, including on a food cart, under the prep table, and in the dry food storage room. There were also temperature violations with cooked eggs, chicken, and sushi, and food stored on the floor or uncovered in the same room where the roaches were found, according to the report.

We wanted to see if the problems were corrected and were at first invited in to take a look around. But when it came to the kitchen, we were stopped at the door.

"Right now, I can't let you come in," said employee Steve Lin, who assured us everything was taken care of. "Everything is fresh. We make it every day, right here."

But unable to see for ourselves, we next asked to see a copy of the restaurant's latest inspection report, which we found posted near the register. But as we looked closer, the report seemed to list no violations when, in fact, the restaurant had at least eight on their last state inspection on April 16, according to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation website.

Vicki wants to know why China House was allowed to reopen in the first place, while she says they still had roaches. "I'd like to make sure they don't have live critters running around."

To file a complaint about any restaurant in Florida, click here to notify the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

To see restaurant inspection reports for restaurants across Florida, click here and type in the name of the business.

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