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Mother manatee found dead on Bayshore Blvd. | News

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Mother manatee found dead on Bayshore Blvd.

Tampa, Florida-- From South Tampa to North Tampa, there has been mayhem and misery, but nothing more heartbreaking than what was discovered floating Bayshore. 

A mother manatee, dead, but her calves will not leave her side, endangering their lives too.  

See photos of the scene at Bayshore Blvd. 

They are trapped inside the inlet between Tampa General Hospital and the seawall on Bayshore Boulevard, now underwater and closed.  

Wildlife officials assessed the situation and decided to tie the mother manatee to a small dock to keep her from floating out with the tide.  

Officials say if the mother floats back out into the bay the calves will follow and surely drown.  

They will retrieve the pups in the morning because rescuing them in the dark in violent water is dangerous.

In North Tampa, a serious situation as dozens of residents are forced from their homes.  

Water flooding the entire housing project of 15 North Apartments. 

Teresa's convenience store is closed as well, and water as deep as four feet keeps residents out.  

Many vehicles are submerged.

Even houses of worship are not immune. For churchgoers, it's  a desperate attempt to save what's left. 

Dozens of people are filling sandbags and stacking them half way up the door, but the damage is already done.

Localized flooding crippled parts of Davis Islands and Westshore as well. 

Many areas are socked in with deep water in the roadways that have stranded entire neighborhoods.

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