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Student hit by SUV dies | News

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Student hit by SUV dies

Riverview, Florida -- 13-year-old Andrea Bower, an 8th grader at Giunta Middle School in Riverview, had just missed her school bus and was running to catch up to it at a bus stop across the street when she darted across four lanes of traffic and was hit.

Friday evening 10 News learned Bower died from her injuries.

Photo Gallery: Middle schooler hit by car in Riverview area

Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office says it happened around 8:30 Friday morning near the corner of Bloomingdale Avenue and Las Brisas Drive Road in Riverview.

Andrea Bower's classmates were at the bus stop she was trying to get too and they say they tried their best to talk her out of crossing the street.

Kyle Brooklyn is one of her classmates who watched it happen. He says, "We all told her to go home because she'd already missed the bus and she just kept on laughing and smiling and trying to cross the road."

Brooklyn says she tried to run around a white SUV but didn't make it. He adds, "I saw her feet fly above the car."

Kyle's mother Starsha saw it happen too. She says, "It hurts and it's not even my child."

Starsha Brooklyn allowed her son to meet with grief counselors but took him out of school Friday. She says she's still shaken up about what happened because she's a mother too. Starsha says,"Not good. I mean it's pretty devastating to see a child laying on the ground with blood."

She's not the only one struggling to make sense of it. Wanda Miller is a friend and neighbor of Andrea's family.  Andrea only lives a few houses down from the bus stop. Miller says, "She's a very unique individual but she has a heart of gold and there's nothing she wouldn't do for you."

Miller says Andrea, who loves art and drawing, was committed to going to school because she wanted to be recognized for perfect attendance.

School officials from Giunta Middle school rushed to the accident scene and to Andrea's hospital bed to support her and her family in the last Friday of school before students get a week off for Thanksgiving break. 

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