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8-year-old girl testfying about watching her father killed | News

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8-year-old girl testfying about watching her father killed

Tampa, Florida - Danielle James, the daughter of an Air Force veteran who was killed on a Valrico basketball court two years ago, is set to take the stand in the skateboarder trial. The child watched as her 41-year-old father killed.

However, the child will testify without the defendant, Trevor Dooley, in the room. 

Instead, her testimony will be seen on a closed-circuit television.  She says she is afraid to face him after what she witnessed.

Dooley, a 71-year-old part-time bus driver, is on trial for aggravated manslaughter with a firearm.

Dooley got into a fight with David James over a skateboarder who was practicing on the same basketball court where James was playing with his daughter, Danielle.  Dooley told the teenager skateboarder, Spencer Arthur, to get off the court.

James defended the teen, and the two men began fighting, then wrestling on the ground. Seconds later, David James was dead, shot by the 71-year-old.

Dooley says he was simply defending himself and that James, twice his size, was choking him. Dooley said he had no choice but to fire the gun that he had taken out of his right pocket.

Dooley's doctors took the stand one by one Friday morning as defense witnesses, painting a picture for the jury of a frail man with multiple physical problems, someone who would never intentionally look for a fight with a young veteran twice his size.

Danielle James told attorneys in a February hearing that her father went after Trevor Dooley, telling them that Mr. Dooley "did not want to get into a fight."

Dooley faces up to 30 years in prison if convicted.


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