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Cabbie hands over money, robber shoots anyway | News

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Cabbie hands over money, robber shoots anyway

Tampa, Florida -- Despite handing cash over to the crook, police say a taxi driver was shot by a robber as a passenger watched from the back seat. 

The people involved were just living their lives, minding their own business, when a robber stepped in and created a nightmare.

A passenger was in the back seat of the cab, getting dropped off just before 3 a.m. Tuesday on W. Chestnut Street near N. Willow Ave. in Tampa.

42-year-old Annuel Delicieux was simply doing his job, working for a living.

Police say a robber stepped out of the dark and pointed a shotgun at the cabbie. He demanded money.

Delicieux did what he was told. Police say he threw cash out the window at the robber.

But the robber shot him anyway, right in the chest.

A Tampa police officer was out on patrol in the neighborhood at the time, doing his duty.

The cab driver tried to drive off down an alley to get away from the robber. He made it maybe 200 hundred feet, and he ran right into the patrolling police officer's cruiser.

The officer got out and was able to immediately radio for an ambulance for Delicieux.

After being rushed to St. Joseph's Hospital, their last report lists him as being in stable condition.

The passenger was trying to get out of the taxi as the robbery went down, but couldn't manage to escape and was stuck inside the entire time.

Police do not think that person was involved in setting up the robbery, and is unconnected to the crime... except as a terrified witness.

Police say they have not been able to get a detailed description of the suspect, who is still on the loose.


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