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Would arming teachers stop school shootings? | News

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Would arming teachers stop school shootings?

Tampa, FL -- To avoid another Sandy Hook-type shooting, the state rep who sponsored Florida's "stand your ground" law believes the state should end its ban on guns in schools. Doing so could open the door for teachers to carry guns into the classroom.

Rep. Dennis Baxley said that declaring schools to be gun-free zones makes them targets for deranged people who know they can't be stopped because guns aren't allowed in schools.

The Ocala Republican said schools need to be in a position of meeting force with force when events like that happen.

But when 10 News contacted Baxley's office to talk with him about his comments, we were told he was too busy to talk. Instead Baxley issued this statement Tuesday: "Our focus should be on the victims and their loved ones. Out of respect for them, we should not politicize a national tragedy. There will be plenty of time for debate in the near future."

The head of the Hillsborough County teacher's union agrees that the top priority must be to protect our kids, but strongly disagrees with the idea of arming teachers.

"I think that bringing guns into our classrooms would be incredibly dangerous and lead to all kinds of tragedies," Jean Clements, the president of Hillsborough Classroom Teachers Association said. "There just would be so many ways that that could go wrong."

State Rep. Darryl Rouson of St. Petersburg agreed, cautioning against what he called knee-jerk reactions to Friday's school shooting.

"I don't think it's a good idea at all to let teachers carry guns in the classrooms and hallways of our most vulnerable," Rouson said.

"I think we need to find ways to secure the safety of our children and not necessarily create the environment for a wild wild west shot out between the teacher and a perpetrator," Rouson added.


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