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Trevor Dooley's neighbors moving out | News

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Trevor Dooley's neighbors moving out

Spring Hill, Florida - Trevor Dooley walked out of the Orient Road Jail on Monday evening calmly. A few months ago the 72 year old was convicted of manslaughter in what some have called the "skateboarder shooting."

Dooley received an eight year prison sentence for killing Valrico father David James after the two argued over a skateboarder being on a neighborhood basketball court. David James' daughter was there when the shooting happened.

A judge allowed Dooley to post bail and go free for a time due to his age and the fact that he hasn't been in trouble with the law. The bond amount is $100,000, which means Dooley had to give a bail bondsman $10,000.

Monday evening Trevor Dooley left the Orient Road cell he'd been staying at.  He was escort to a GPS office where he was briefed on how the tracking device works. Then a deputy drove him to his Spring Hill home.

His wife Patricia Dooley didn't want to talk to 10 News when we walked up to the door and asked her her thoughts on her husband's release. She said, "Absolutely not. I'm sorry."

An hour earlier Trevor with a cane in his right hand and paperwork in his left he hobbled through the  garage wearing a bright red inmate outfit. A short time later when he opened the door to let the deputy out we noticed he'd already changed.

Seeing Trevor Dooley as an inmate is an unbelievable sight to Bob and Linda Dougan who live right next door. Bob says, "He made a very serious mistake but when we first moved in here he was the first neighbor to make us feel welcome."

The two say they're now planning to pack up and move out. Bob adds, "I've already talked with a realtor. He's coming over to check out our home and we're going to rent it out." Bob says it's not just because of his neighbor.

Still others are outraged - wondering how a man found guilty of manslaughter for fatal shooting of a neighbor - 41-year-old David James - in front of the victim's young daughter - could be allowed to leave jail. James family will never have the chance to see him again.

A young girl at a nearby school said, "Murder is murder. I live two blocks away - and that's a little scary." Meanwhile the principal of a nearby school said,  "Anytime we find out someone with violence of this nature in their past it's concerning."

Trevor Dooley may be resting at home but he's still facing eight years in prison. He's wearing a tracking device and is only allowed to leave his home to go to court.

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