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Man imprisons former employer in her own home | News

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Man imprisons former employer in her own home

Hernando County, Florida -- Monday February 25, 2013 a man broke into the home of a former employer demanding money and threatening her.

Reportedly Richard Ulrich had been drinking at local bar and while on his way home he decided to confront the victim about being fired from his job a few years prior.

He arrived at the victim's home at around 4 p.m. confronting her with a large "stake type" stick and threatening to kill her for firing him.

While still inside the victim's residence, Ulrich continued to poke the victim with the stick while demanding a large amount of money from her. The victim was confined to her living room during this time and was deprived of a telephone. The victim told detectives that Ulrich's behavior was so aggressive during this time, that she "was afraid for her life."  

Hoping that he would leave, the victim gave Ulrich the contents of her purse, $18 in cash. He demanded more, stating that he needed $1,000 so he could leave the state. 

The victim convinced Ulrich that they would need to go to an ATM in order to get more money. When they left the house to walk to the car, the victim ran to a neighbor's house for safety.  Richard Ulrich fled the scene.

Eventually two deputies located Ulrich on Tuesday February 26, 2013 at his parent's home and he was taken into custody without incident. 

Detective Wayne Peterson interviewed Ulrich where he admitted to gaining entry without permission and said he wanted to get in there and "intimidate the victim and scare her for firing him."  Ulrich also admitted to having the stick in his hand the entire time of the incident, but denied threatening to kill the victim.  He also stated that he could not remember taking any money from her.

Richard Ulrich was charged with home invasion, and false imprisonment. 


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