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Watch our for AC repair scams | News

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Watch our for AC repair scams
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Watch our for AC repair scams

Brooksville, Florida -- As summer approaches, along with the hot weather, people need to be on the lookout for air conditioning repair scams.

Sheriff Al Nienhuis and the detectives in the Economic Crimes Unit of the Hernando County Sheriff's Office want people to know the regularly starts to receive complaints in the spring and continuing throughout the summer regarding fraudulent contractors.

Although these scams typically target the elderly, they have also been used against anyone that will fall for them.  The scams basically convince people to purchase repairs, upgrades, UV lights, or any kind of service not actually needed. 

People should not accept any work from anyone without getting a 2nd opinion or estimate. 

Some things to be on the lookout

  •    Someone calling you or simply showing up at your home offering free or very cheap   "inspections."  If you did not call them, be very leery of accepting any repairs without getting a 2nd opinion or estimate.
  •   You aren't having any problems with your air conditioning system; however, they find it is not working properly and needs repairs.
  • They will not put everything they are telling you in writing.
  • They try to use high pressure tactics.
  • They try to discourage you from getting a 2nd opinion, by stating the cheap price they are offering is only good while they are at your home. Once they leave they will not honor the price they are offering now.  This is a red flag.
  •  They offer to come back when they are off duty to do the work at a much cheaper price.
  •  If your air conditioning system stops working or malfunctions after they leave, they may have sabotaged it.
  •  If you are the victim of high pressure sales, and the person refuses to leave, call 9-1-1.  The Sheriff's Office will be glad to assist.

The Sheriff's Office cannot make an arrest in these types of frauds unless there is clear evidence that the work was not needed. Any contractor that will not put his findings and estimates in writing raises serious concerns.  

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