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TIA: Elevator "compromised" in Chad Wolfe's death | News

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TIA: Elevator "compromised" in Chad Wolfe's death

Tampa, Florida-- The elevator holds the secret to the mysterious death of Chad Wolfe.  

He arrived in Tampa on a flight from Pennsylvania. He and his female traveling companion, Jessica Price, got separated at the elevators on the third floor.  

Price went down to the first floor on one elevator, Wolfe went up to the seventh on another. 

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The next time Wolfe was seen he was dead- he had fallen from the seventh floor and landed on top of the elevator car sitting at the first floor.

"We have no evidence from anyone we've talked to, or anything that would lead us to believe that we had an open door at that landing," said Al Illustrato, the airport's vice president of facilities.

Therein lies the mystery.  

How did Wolfe get through the first set of elevators doors, and how did he fall seven floors down the shaft?  

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Airport police don't know either, but say the elevator door lock had been tampered with.

"We know that the door lock was compromised, but we don't know how it was compromised," said Illustrato.

The discovery came after passengers entered the elevator and reported glass on the floor.

"The car doors of this elevator were open on the first level, there was glass on the ground and the doors were standing open," said Illustrato.

Officials watched on airport security cameras as Wolfe exited the plane stumbling.  When they recovered his body, police made an interesting discovery.

"There was an empty bottle of a generic prescription for Xanax in his pockets, but we have no evidence that foul play had taken place," said TIA Police Chief Paul Sireci.


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