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Drivers race from waterspout as it heads toward land | News

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Drivers race from waterspout as it heads toward land

OLDSMAR, Florida -- Like lightning, it dropped from the sky, and within seconds the pictures came pouring in of a waterspout churning its way across Tampa Bay near Oldsmar.

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Wayne Cimino was driving when he spotted it.

"We just saw, like, a funnel, like, this halfway forming with lightning around it," said Cimino.

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Wayne was carrying precious cargo -- his three boys in the backseat. He pulled off the road.

"Basically, we stayed in the car to wait and see what it was doing. I was watching it, trying to out-maneuver it," said Cimino.

The waterspout blew up a huge cloud of mist on the water, turning, twisting toward land as dozens watched.

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"I hope it don't hit nobody or hit any house or flip cars. It scared the heck out of me," said one witness.

But it did hit land. The twister tore away shingles and ripped up trees, but there was no major damage.

Wayne's boys worried about what might happen and described the experience.

"A little fun, but not too fun. I really haven't seen a tornado in my life before, but now I have," said Wayne's oldest boy.

"It was almost to the ground. I was worried about my parents and my dog and my cat and my brothers," said the youngest.

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