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Ex claims lover falsely accused him of posting her naked pics | News

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Ex claims lover falsely accused him of posting her naked pics

Tampa, Florida -- Ryan Seay wants to set the record straight. He says he's been waiting for months and months to speak openly about what calls a nightmare that he's currently involved in with his ex, Holly Jacobs.

She accused him of posting revenge porn.

10 News is the only television station in Tampa Bay that Ryan is sharing his story with, detail by detail. He says that his ex is a highly-sexual person.

"I could hardly keep up with her. I know that's not very manly to say, but that's how it is. I don't fault her for her sexuality. That's who she is. But, to accuse me of posting those pictures is wrong," Ryan said.

Ryan said his life was ruined by his high school sweetheart, Holly.  She, in turn, claims that Ryan posted naked pictures and explicit videos of her all over the Internet, and pressed criminal charges.

"I want nothing to do with her. For the past five or six years, she's been nothing but a bane to my existence. Deep down I think she's done a lot of damage to herself. The situation has done damage. And the girl that I know is long gone," Ryan told 10 News.

It's a far cry from their start, dating at Hillsborough High School as teenagers. They also dated on and off as adults and shared intimate moments, some captured on camera.

Ryan said Holly sent hundreds of photos in compromising positions.

"This isn't a quick selfie with a cameraphone. This is a video where she's changing the angles. This is a video where she's changing the lighting. Where she's stopping and starting and one of the videos lasts 15 minutes long."

The two broke up back in 2009, and according to Ryan, it was amicable.

He told us, "I moved on, she moved on.  It was over between us. I'm not angry. I always wished her the best. Then, this happened." 

But months later, graphic photos of Holly popped up online. She was extremely upset and wondered who posted them. She said she was "tortured" over what she saw. In fact, the explicit pictures got Holly into trouble with the university, FIU, where she was studying for her PhD.

She blamed Ryan. He claimed it was not him.

"She told me she was with multiple men. She was with other guys. We were not exclusive. Someone else could have posted this. She can't take hundreds of photos and expect none of them to get out there."

10 News asked Ryan point blank, "Did you share those photos of Holly with anyone on the Internet? Did you put them out there?"

He answered, "No, I've never shared those pictures with anyone."

Criminal charges were filed against Ryan. Meanwhile, Holly went on a media blitz, talking with nearly every network, her story went global, and Ryan's life fell apart.

"My family, my girlfriend, my true friends have been on my side. But, my work has suffered. People Google my name, and this comes up," said the 29-year-old.

Ryan said in the midst of all this mess, he received this email from Holly saying, "It's over for you. I'll do whatever I have to do and say whatever I have to say to anyone...to make sure that you get what you deserve and will never work again."

But last month, the Hillsborough State Attorney's Office dropped the charges against Ryan. He believed he was used as Holly's scapegoat, that she was embarrassed by the pictures and needed to blame it on someone -- a person who knows her intimately.

"They should have never charged me in the first place. If you read through that probable cause affidavit. There's nothing there," Ryan told 10 News.


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