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Hillsborough County musicians break Guinness World Record | News

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Hillsborough County musicians break Guinness World Record

Hillsborough County, FL -- Hillsborough County appears to be the new Guinness World Record holder of the largest string ensemble to play one song at the same time at the same venue. 

Although it isn't official yet, the number still has to be certified, the number counted and documented by witnesses easily surpasses the number that currently holds the record. 

Linda Cobbe, of Hillsborough County Schools, wrote in to 10 News tonight from Williams IB Middle Magnet School and here's what she had to say of the record-breaking event:

"858 students and teachers showed up and played the tune twice. We had people of all ages 6 to 60.  When I drove up to the school, there were cars everywhere. Musicians gathered in the gym and were organized into groups by the instrument they played. Then, they went out to the play courts in groups.  All entered through the same gate while two Williams Middle School teachers counted them one-by-one.  Only musicians, staff, and media were allowed inside the fence while parents lined the outside perimeter.  About 24 witnesses observed the musicians and took notes.  The two official witnesses were school board member Jack Lamb and secondary music supervisor Ted Hope.  School board member Candy Olson also served as a witness."

The musicians played Pachelbel's Canon in D.

Before tonight, the record was set in April 10, 2010, at Spring Jam '10 in Kirkland, Wash., with 392 string players gathered at Juanita High School.


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