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Bad tile job leads to Tampa sinkhole scare | News

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Bad tile job leads to Tampa sinkhole scare

Tampa, Florida -- A buckling floor and awful noise led a family to rush from their home Monday night, but inspectors say a bad tile job is to blame.

"They're just watching TV and suddenly they feel, like, something in the floor," Mindralys Rodrigues said. "They get up quickly, get my babies and everything outside."

Rodrigues says her family had reason to be afraid.

An insurance inspection of their home at 2103 W. Sligh Ave. two years ago found "a reasonable... probability" that sinkhole activity had caused some damage to their home in the past.

So they bolted when the tile floor buckled and folded upward Monday night.

The family of five adults and two children were put up in a hotel room and given other basic supplies by the American Red Cross.

But at daybreak, inspectors and engineers concluded the cracked and lifted tile was not caused by a sinkhole.

"The only thing that we have is tile releasing from the cement slab," said Sal Ruggiero, the City of Tampa's Code Enforcement director.

The tile wasn't properly adhered to the floor when it was laid years ago, Ruggiero said. "It just looks like the tile is releasing throughout the house."

But knowing what the past sinkhole inspection found, plus having seen coverage of house-eating sinkholes in Dunedin and Seffner this year, Ruggiero says he understands this family's reaction completely.

"I think they did the right thing," Ruggiero said. "Call the fire department, assess it, get out of the house, and then let some experts come in and check it."

This comes just weeks after a massive sinkhole swallowed homes in Dunedin -- causing them to be demolished

PHOTOS: Sinkhole opens up near Dunedin home


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