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Watch out for baby deer | News

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Watch out for baby deer
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Watch out for baby deer


I would like to mention to the public that baby deer are being born this time of year in Highlands County and surrounding counties: DeSoto, Hardee, Glades and Polk.

Should you see a baby deer (fawn) that is in the field or grassy area, do not approach it or pick it up. The mother deer (doe) is most likely around and can hear the baby up to a mile away.

If you are mowing or cleaning in a field or wooded area, leave the area so that the deer is safe. If you have dog(s), keep them away from the baby deer. Dog(s) are known to attack baby deer and either harm or kill the deer.

Deer have natural predators that they have to contend with. They don't need humans to be a problem for them as well. Be careful when driving down the roads that you know may have deer in the area. A lot of accidents happen when deer run onto the road in front of motor vehicles then car/truck will try to avoid hitting them and run off the road.

If you see a baby deer and you think that either the mother has been killed, or there are flies around the deer or anything else that may be a problem with the baby deer, then you need to either call Florida Fish and Wildlife office or a local rehabilitation center in your area. Either one will advise what to do. Don't take a baby deer home. It is against the law to have one in your care.

Remember, nature will take care of itself if left alone. Only rescue if the animal is either injured or abandoned. If not sure, call someone.

The number of Wrede's Wildlife Center is 385-2770; Florida Fish and Wildlife is (888) 404-3922 or (863) 648-3200.

David Wrede

Wrede's Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Inc.

As submitted to News Sun.

News, Urban Wildlife

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