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Update: Cat abuser pleads guilty

Update: Cat abuser pleads guilty

Town 'N' Country, FL -- Giovanni Estrada of Town 'N' Country, 20, pleaded Guilty in a Hillsborough County courtroom this morning in a status hearing on his case involving two counts of Animal Cruelty. He will be sentenced on Feb. 23 at 1:30 p.m.

Estrada was arrested last year, accused of shooting his girlfriend's cat, locking her in a carrier and then tossing the carrier into the waves of McKay Bay.

A good Samaritan heard the cat's cries and saved the animal from drowning. On the carrier were the words "Kitty Penitentiary." Lovey had been shot dozens of times with BBs.

Shih-Tzu dogs ready for adoption

Shih-Tzu dogs ready for adoption

Spring Hill, FL -- The Hernando County Animal Services has announced that the Shih-Tzu dogs abandoned in November are ready for adoption.

Over 260 adoption applications were received for the dogs, and HCAS is hopeful they will all be placed in homes quickly. As a result of the overwhelming interest in adopting the dogs, not all applicants will have the opportunity to adopt. 

It's cold outside...suit up your dog!

It's cold outside...suit up your dog!

Tampa, Florida --  A doggy sweater might seem over the top, but some local veterinarians actually recommend you suit up your dog during this wintry blast.

"They get cold as we do, they get warm when we get warm," said Isabelle Roese, a veterinarian with Hillsborough County Animal Services.

Roese says our animals are just as susceptible to frost bite and hypothermia as we are.

While it may appear their fur coats are enough to keep them warm, for the young, old, small and short-haired dogs...and yes, even cats...it might not be enough.

And that's where a warm, doggy sweater or coat can come in handy.

"Sometimes it looks silly, but it's not.  It really, really helps," said Roese.

Roese recommends you first and foremost, bring your pets inside if you can.