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Ferlita and Buckhorn to face off for Tampa Mayor | Politics

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Ferlita and Buckhorn to face off for Tampa Mayor
Ferlita and Buckhorn to face off for Tampa Mayor

Tampa, Florida -- Rose Ferlita holds onto her lead and is one of two candidates to move on to a March 22nd runoff.  She finished the race with 25.87 percent of the vote.

Just after 9 p.m., Ferlita addressed her supports as they shouted, "Let's go Rose! Let's go Rose! We Want Rose!" and "Rose is Ready!"

Tampa Mayoral Race Photos

She opened remarks with a thank you to Officer David Crawford, the St. Pete officer gunned down in the line of duty, for his service in protecting freedom.  "Because of people like that - the unsung heroes - we have the freedom for whom we want," said Ferlita.

While wearing six microphones and holding two others, she told the crowd not to throw yard signs away yet. She looks forward to three more weeks of "clean campaigning" against Bob Buckhorn.

She criticized remarks of her lackluster and generic campaigning saying, "This is a new day. This is a new race. And now, with just two people on the stage, everyone will know what Rose Ferlita is all about. Now we go forward with a plan - with specifics."

Buckhorn ended up with 23.51 percent of the vote, beating Greco (22.59 percent) by 384 votes. 

With his family by his side, a smiling Buckhorn celebrated his victory over Greco and the race to the runoff in front of about 50 supporters at J.J.'s Cafe in Ybor City. 

Buckhorn said in the last few weeks he has felt the momentum swinging in his favor.  He described himself as an "agent for change."  He has a plan and has wanted to be Tampa Mayor for years and said, "I have never given up."

Greco addressed a crowd of supporters at Higgins Hall in Tampa, essentially saying his political career is over now.  Holding up his signature signage from the campaign, the hand with 5 fingers, he told volunteers and supporters, that hand now means goodbye.  Greco is 77 and has served as mayor four times. 

Thomas Scott (8.61 percent) and Ed Turanchik (19.41 percent) ran unsuccessfully.

City Council Races:

District 1: Mike Suarez (30.45 percent) and Curtis Stokes (26.24 percent) will be in the runoff.

District 2: Mary Mulhern won this seat with 51 percent of the vote.

District 3: Chris Hart (28.36 percent) will face off against Yvonne Yolie Capin (24.07 percent).

District 4: Harry Cohen (44.31 percent) and Julie Jenkins (28.93 percent) will face off in the March 22nd runoff.

District 5: Frank Reddick won the seat with 51.56 percent of the vote.

District 6: Charlie Miranda won with 62.43 percent of the vote.

District 7: Lisa Montelione and Charlie Perkins will face eachother in the runoff, getting 35.92 percent and 31.79 percent of the vote respectively.

For final numbers, click here.

*Candidates must win by a majority of the vote or there will be a March 22, 2011 runoff.


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