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Rocket launchers, flute gun given up in Bay area gun swap | Weird

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Rocket launchers, flute gun given up in Bay area gun swap

TAMPA, Florida - Two rocket launchers and a flute fashioned into a gun were among the weapons turned into the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office's Gun Swap program on Saturday.

"We knew in light of the recent tragedy in Newtown that it would be popular," said Captain Chad Chronister.

A total of 2,541 weapons were exchanged for $75 and tickets to a Tampa Bay Rays home game at five locations throughout the county.

Gun Swap was an amnesty program of sorts, aimed at getting unwanted weapons of the streets.

On two separate occasions, someone turned in rocket launchers as part of the program.

"This is a surface to air rocket launcher, and we actually got two of them," said Chronister. "We never imaged we would get two rocket launchers."

In addition to the boxes of revolvers and antique guns that were turned in, someone also gave up a musical instrument that was made into a working weapon.

"We have a homemade firearms device over there. It was a flute that somebody converted into a firearm."

Chronister was asked why someone would convert a flute into a gun, but said he didn't know, because the program is completely anonymous.

After logging the weapons, the sheriff's office will destroy them by melting them down.


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