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2-headed, albino snake eats first meal | Weird

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2-headed, albino snake eats first meal

BROOKSVILLE, Florida (WKMG) -- A rare, 2-headed albino snake gets it's first meal and its owner announces it is entertaining offers to buy the snake, with offers starting at $25,000.

Sunshine Serpents sent out this picture Monday to commemorate the first meal, a baby mouse, for their rare Honduran milk snake.

Photo Gallery: Two-headed animals

The company said the the right head of the snake ravenously engulfed the frozen mouse when it was offered as the other head watched.

Company owner and University of Central Florida biologist Daniel Parker said the snake eating and digesting its first meal is a good sign that its body is functioning normally.

"We were not sure exactly what was going on with this snake on the inside, but now we have a better idea," Parker said.

The snake was hatched just before Halloween, and fed after its first shedding.

According to the news release, Sunshine Serpents said it is offering to sell the snake, with the beginning price of $25,000.


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