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Photo Gallery | Lowry Park Zoo welcomes new baby elephant!

Tampa, FL-- Today is a very exciting day for Lowry Park Zoo, as they are announcing the birth of a baby African elephant!

"She was born on December 23 at approximately 9:30 at night," says Chris Massaro, Lowry Park's Animal Department Operations Manager. 

The elephant, just a little over three weeks old, is healthy, happy and already learning so much!

"She's full of energy....She's running around the exhibit exploring- very curious, checking things out," says Massaro.

Massaro also says the baby has joined her other herd mates, her mother and two aunts.

"They're all doing very well, and an elephant herd is maternally based, so it's based on the togetherness of the females in the group. They will bond together and they will protect that calf," he explains. 

Check out photos of the new baby elephant above, and be sure to head to Lowry Park Zoo to see her up close and personal! Lowry Park is located at 1101 West Sligh Ave., Tampa, FL 33604. 

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